take the good with the bad

DO you take the good with the bad?

“You take the good with the bad.” Have you ever heard that saying? What’s your first reaction when you hear that statement? My first thought is something like, “Bullsh*t!” Probably because the first thing that comes to mind is the saying, “You have to experience the bitter to appreciate the sweet.” Ironically enough, my Family Read more about DO you take the good with the bad?[…]

yes or no

Know when to say Yes or No

Two of the most powerful words in our language usually go overlooked and taken for granted. A major secret to happiness is knowing when to say “Yes” or “No”. Yes and No are so vitally important and powerful because they give permission. Sometimes the only thing we need to do the right thing (or not Read more about Know when to say Yes or No[…]

Happy Valentines Day to Me!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! This is an interesting time of year where the question of love and companionship are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Seems like most people are in a mad rush to see if they can find a Valentine to share the holiday with. Many who don’t have a Valentine question their Read more about Happy Valentines Day to Me![…]

Be happy … when you’re already happy

I was talking with a friend who is going through a difficult time in life. His life kind of turned him upside down and now he is trying to find his bearings and re-find his happiness. He has started questioning his reality and reading self-improvement books to gain new perspective on life. He said to Read more about Be happy … when you’re already happy[…]