January 27, 2015

About PJ

PJ1PJ is a self-proclaimed yuppie-hippie and kind of an everyman. He’s seen a lot of life, from roughing it alone in the American Outback to tearing up the dance floor in high heels, mini-skirts and makeup; from suit-and-tie at church to slumming it with sleeze-balls, he has tasted a wide array of flavors life has to offer. He comes from a gigantic family (whom he loves with all his heart), plays piano and pipe organ, is a Clash of Clans addict, is a successful and creative entrepreneur, loves hiking, camping, yoga, lifting weights, plotting & scheming over micro-brews and absolutely always mutes the TV and radio¬†when commercials come on. PJ has dedicated himself first to grabbing life by the balls and twisting and second to helping others do the same. I mean, he is dedicated to helping you live the greatest, happiest, most peace- and love-filled life you can imagine. PJ would love to hear your stories of hardship and happiness. Email him at frabciendefds@ghithejklshomnortcpqruttstuohavwppixyzneszyxs.cwvuom.

PJ has been blogging about secrets to happiness and peaceful living for years. He went through many years of healing from his past and learning life’s difficult lessons. Follow his blog at pjis.me and share in the discussion!

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