January 27, 2015

About “Shortcut”

smiley 150I came up with the idea for The Shortcut To Happiness while pondering the question, “What do ALL people want more of?” The answers were LOVE (so I wrote a book about How To Love Yourself and HAPPINESS. So, I set out to write a book about how to find happiness.

The Long Journey

Call me naive, but I figured happiness was a pretty simple subject. I mean, I had struggled for years and years to find happiness, but once I found it happiness seemed like second-nature to me. Once I started writing I started realizing that the subject of happiness wasn’t quite as simple as it seemed. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Happiness IS simple. UNhappiness is not so simple and there are countless reasons why people are unhappy.

So, what I thought would be a 3 month writing journey turned into 3 years. Make that 2 years of writing and a year of trying to figure out the best way to deliver the secrets to happiness and unhappiness.

Why The Shortcut?

Firstly, today’s society demands instant gratification. The Western World does not like to wait. Also, I like to boil things down to their simplest, common denominator. I figured there must be ONE thing that EVERYONE can do to be happier. So, I came up with The Shortcut To Happiness. It’s that one thing you can do every time in every situation to make sure you create a happy life.

Secondly, you shouldn’t have to wait to feel happy about your life. I mean, the whole point of life is to enjoy it, make the most of it, see what you can make out of it. But life is full of so many obstacles truly LIVING can be difficult.

The Shortcut To Happiness will help you cut through the crap that keeps you from loving life and help you make every single day of your life worth living.

Coming soon