labeling people

Labeling people – Careful how you do it!

Labeling people can be a very dangerous thing. Labeling people can completely dehumanize them and cause great harm. As an example, I remember back in high school. Every now and then some of the guys would start smearing one of the girls by calling her a ‘slut’. It was shocking to me the flurry of gossip that Read more about Labeling people – Careful how you do it![…]

dealing with regret

Dealing with regret

This video was so powerful I needed to share. I have lots to say about dealing with regret, but don’t want to spoil the video for you. Watch this video. Think about the regrets you might be facing in life. And I’ll blog again soon about how to deal with regret in your life. Enjoy… (or, watch it Read more about Dealing with regret[…]

listening skills

Listening skills – How to be a good listener

Did you know that ‘good listening’ has the power to save the world? It’s true. If we use the right listening skills–if we learn how to truly listen–we can save the world. So, let’s talk about what it means to Truly Listen and how to be a good listener. Lesson 1: Don’t listen to react. Read more about Listening skills – How to be a good listener[…]

don't worry

Don’t worry.

This week’s shortcut to happiness is: Don’t worry. Worrying never did anyone any good. What is worry? Worrying means sitting and stewing in your fears and insecurities. If you’re worrying you’re probably imagining all the worst possible scenarios. The problem is that we usually make our focus a reality, so if you’re focused on your Read more about Don’t worry.[…]

life is short

Life is short — what you gonna do about it?

There was some religious news that made a big hubbub this week that reminded me that life is short. A certain church passed a policy that was hurtful to many, many people. What did the public do? They went nuts!!!! People got pissed, they ranted on Facebook and raged on the news. All of social Read more about Life is short — what you gonna do about it?[…]

why am i not happy

Why am I not happy?

Ever asked yourself, “Why am I not happy…”? Bet you have! Everyone wonders this from time to time in rare moments of clarity and honesty. It’s scary to admit that we aren’t happy. I don’t mean when we’re mad or sad about something. I’m talking about when we are feeling low enough to admit, deep Read more about Why am I not happy?[…]

happy thoughts

How to think happy thoughts

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. It really energizes me to work on happiness and to share with you, tools for being happy. I thought I would start sharing quotes and happy thoughts from my happiness book and expand on them. The quote I’d like to riff on first, is in the Read more about How to think happy thoughts[…]

take the good with the bad

DO you take the good with the bad?

“You take the good with the bad.” Have you ever heard that saying? What’s your first reaction when you hear that statement? My first thought is something like, “Bullsh*t!” Probably because the first thing that comes to mind is the saying, “You have to experience the bitter to appreciate the sweet.” Ironically enough, my Family Read more about DO you take the good with the bad?[…]

yes or no

Know when to say Yes or No

Two of the most powerful words in our language usually go overlooked and taken for granted. A major secret to happiness is knowing when to say “Yes” or “No”. Yes and No are so vitally important and powerful because they give permission. Sometimes the only thing we need to do the right thing (or not Read more about Know when to say Yes or No[…]