Life is short — what you gonna do about it?

There was some religious news that made a big hubbub this week that reminded me that life is short. A certain church passed a policy that was hurtful to many, many people. What did the public do? They went nuts!!!! People got pissed, they ranted on Facebook and raged on the news. All of social media was abuzz with people’s anger and frustration. When things like this happen I stand back and wonder:

What’s it all worth?

Those who live in bigotry and intolerance aren’t happy. Others who get pissed off at the opinions of others aren’t happy. The world is full of people raging against each other, and what’s it all worth?

On the path of happiness, none of it is really worth it unless you choose to learn from it. And what I’ve learned from the past week’s events is:

Life is short

Your time is limited, stop wasting this precious resource on anger and pettiness and jealousy and deceit. Stop wasting it on rage and sadness and stress. Stop wasting it on bickering and revenge and violence and sloth. Time is the currency of Life, stop spending it on unworthy pursuits.

Life is short:
Fill it with art and science and beauty.
Fill it with kindness and compassion and good deeds.
Fill it with caring thoughts and loving emotion.
Fill it with rest and mindful reflection.
Fill it with industry and reaching for worthy goals.

Fill every day so full of goodness, in the evening you can say, “It was worth it.” Do this, and when your time comes to leave this life you can look back and say, “It was worth it!”

It takes effort and courage and focus to make positive changes in life. But remembering that life is short makes it easier, because in the end — what do you have to lose? Remind yourself several times through the day that life is short and it’s not worth wasting.

life is short

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