don't worry

Don’t worry.

This week’s shortcut to happiness is: Don’t worry. Worrying never did anyone any good. What is worry? Worrying means sitting and stewing in your fears and insecurities. If you’re worrying you’re probably imagining all the worst possible scenarios. The problem is that we usually make our focus a reality, so if you’re focused on your Read more about Don’t worry.[…]

life is short

Life is short — what you gonna do about it?

There was some religious news that made a big hubbub this week that reminded me that life is short. A certain church passed a policy that was hurtful to many, many people. What did the public do? They went nuts!!!! People got pissed, they ranted on Facebook and raged on the news. All of social Read more about Life is short — what you gonna do about it?[…]

why am i not happy

Why am I not happy?

Ever asked yourself, “Why am I not happy…”? Bet you have! Everyone wonders this from time to time in rare moments of clarity and honesty. It’s scary to admit that we aren’t happy. I don’t mean when we’re mad or sad about something. I’m talking about when we are feeling low enough to admit, deep Read more about Why am I not happy?[…]

Be happy … when you’re already happy

I was talking with a friend who is going through a difficult time in life. His life kind of turned him upside down and now he is trying to find his bearings and re-find his happiness. He has started questioning his reality and reading self-improvement books to gain new perspective on life. He said to Read more about Be happy … when you’re already happy[…]